When Should You Consider a Life & Career Coach?

Americans are sold on coaches. We hire coaches to improve our golf or tennis games. We hire fitness trainers to get us back in shape. We hire personal organizers to put our homes and offices in order.

Yet, I find people are often reluctant to hire a life or career coach. After many years working with people who have come to me, I think I’ve discovered why. Hiring a life and/or career coach is a very personal decision. Potential clients need to admit to themselves and another human being that they feel unfulfilled in some fundamental way. To admit this is to present themselves as vulnerable, frustrated and lacking self-esteem.

To encourage people to come forward, I offer a free, no obligation session where they can share their feelings, and the situations that produce those feelings and where I accept them just as they are. I want to honor their courage in coming forward and to assure them that their feelings are normal, part of our common humanity. These no obligation sessions also allow me to share how I work with people, how I help them to identify and find fulfilling work.

Do you feel frustrated with your current career or job situation? I encourage you to come forward and schedule a free, no obligation meeting with me. Just click on the contact tab and let’s get together. I’m looking forward to meeting you!


Comment from Kurt Hunkele
Time: October 27, 2014, 8:46 pm

I formerly worked all day sitting in front of a computer engaging various applications to resolve business issues.
After two eye surgeries (in my right eye and now issue with my left eye) I no longer see well enough to continue this work.

I am 51 years old with a bunch of work years ahead of me.
Somehow I need to reinvent myself so I can be valuable to an employer again.

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