Year in Review: Have You Dropped out of the Job Market?

I came across Binyamin’s “The Vanishing Male Worker: How America Fell Behind” (@BCAppelbaum) in The N.Y. Times December 12 issue. It provided a fascinating look at the non-employed male in today’s America:

Working, in America, is in decline. The share of prime-age men – those 25 to 54 years old – who are not working has more than tripled since the late 1960s, to 16 percent…The United States, which had one of the highest employment rates among developed nations as recently as 2000, has fallen toward the bottom of the list…

Many of these men are eager to find work and are willing to make significant sacrifices to do so. Many others, however, are finding it much harder to find higher paying jobs and are unwilling to pick up low wage jobs.

Binyamin cites that foreign competition and the rise of technology have eliminated many of the manufacturing jobs high school graduates relied on to earn as much as $40 an hour. Such men never went on to earn a bachelor degree.

Conservatives would point out that this situation was of their own making. However, as Binyamin makes clear:

The resulting absence of millions of potential workers has serious consequences not just for the men and their families but for the nation as a whole. A smaller work force is likely to lead to a slower-growing economy, and will leave a smaller   share of the population to cover the cost of government, even as a larger share seeks help.

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