What’s Holding You Back from Career Success?

I’m here to support you with your New Year Career Resolutions. But in past posts, I’ve also encouraged you to review your last year’s efforts and reflect what worked for you and what “not so much.” In your review, you need to ask yourself a number of key questions:

  • Am I happy where I’m at? Do I want to advance within my present organization?
  • Do I need to leave my present company in order to further my career? Do I know the type of organizations where I can best display my talents and skills?
  • Are there internal blocks or external barriers that I need to deal with? What’s holding me back?

Psychologists have identified looking for work as one of the most stressful factors we face in our lives. It’s natural to feel anxiety, frustration and even depression when we seriously begin planning a career move. We don’t want to leave our comfort zone and enter the unknown of today’s economy.

One of the barriers may simply be we lack information. In today’s world of the web, cell phones, and seemingly limitless apps, that can be remedied quite easily. For more complex searches, I’ve found reference librarians at the Carnegie and area universities to be incredibly helpful. Please call ahead, however, and schedule an appointment to meet with them. You won’t regret it.

Most blocks, however, are within us. We are products of our DNA, our conditioning and any traumas we carry with us. We see ourselves, others and the world around us through the glasses created by our ego-minds. It behooves us to take off our glasses and see the world as it is.

I have written a thought piece “What’s Holding You Back?” You can purchase it on this site. Many people have told me they have found it helpful.

If you feel you need additional help and support, why not click on the contact tab on this site and schedule an appointment. Our initial consultation is always free and without obligation. You have only an hour of your time to lose!

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