The Information Interview: One Key to Your Success

We all know about job interviews. We want to get them! All too often, however, we need to jump through the cover letter/application/resume hoop. When we play that game, the competition is fierce, our resume doesn’t match the job description, and our application doesn’t have enough key words. Result: Our resume never is seen by the person with the power to hire us.

No, I’m talking about the information interview. You are the one conducting the interview. For information. There are various types of information interviews. You might be interviewing a business associate, or a college friend or professor. With this type of interview, you want to tap into that person’s network to uncover potential companies you are interested in. Or, you might be interviewing a business owner or C-level executive to gather information on the individual, the company, and the company’s goals.

Let’s look at the first example. Using my Life-Work Discovery model, you already know the career niche you want to occupy. You have addressed the external and internal blocks holding you back. Now you want to draw upon your network to build, educate and motivate your own personal prospecting and marketing team – a group of 5 -10 who are willing and able to actively help you to succeed in your search campaign.

Tomorrow I will show you how to do just that.

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