The Information Interview: One Key to Your Success – Part 2

In my past post, I talked about using two types of information interviews to jump start your job search campaign. The first type is to identify those members of your network who are willing and able to serve as your personal prospecting and networking team.

Think of your email database as your network. Use these action steps to set up the interviews:

  1. Choose 5 – 7 names from your database and send each of them an individual message. Personalize as needed.
  2. Use the following format: Hi _____, I’m redesigning my current career and I need your help.”
  3. Include a paragraph that explains, clearly and concisely, the specific type of work you are looking for and the type (or the actual name) of an organization you would like work within.
  4. Ask them if they might know of a company that fits your description, and if they know of a business owner or a C-level executive within that company. Ask them if they have a personal or professional relationship with that person. Tell them you will contact them within the next 7 – 10 days to see if they have come up with any information for you. This encourages them to be accountable.
  5. Important! Follow up with a phone call. If they have information, ask if they have time then for you to interview them or set up another appointment, in person, via Skype or by phone.
  6. Your goal is to see if they are willing to actively join your informal referral team.

More next time.

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