Embracing Mindfulness for Career Success

In today’s world, celebrities, professional athletes, concert performers, and consulting companies have endorsed mindfulness as a tool to relieve stress, build equanimity and increase performance. But now there is a scientific foundation for mindfulness.

Over the past 35 years, scientific researchers have studied mindfulness within a wide range of disciplines, among them medicine, education, psychology, and athletic performance.

Therapeutic applications of mindfulness are now used to treat people with mental health and addiction issues. Recent studies indicate mindfulness meditation reduces depression, anxiety and stress. Mindfulness meditation also appears to be effective in treating substance use disorders.

Since Future Design Studio’s inception, I have taught hundreds of clients how to apply mindfulness to their lives and careers.

Is mindfulness for you? Why don’t you schedule a free, no obligation appointment where I can learn more about your situation and suggest how mindfulness might be useful for you in your daily and professional life?

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