What You Think Defines You…and Impacts Your Career!

We are the product of our thoughts. Our thoughts and feelings are generated by our ego. Our ego is formed by a combination of our DNA, our early conditioning, and any traumatic events which we carry with us. Does your thinking support or hinder you in your life and career?

Many of the clients who come to me for career coaching are hindered by their thought patterns. Their thoughts generate feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness and, over time, can bring on depression that negatively impacts their physical health. Their physicians diagnose high blood pressure, chronic fatigue and pre-diabetic conditions.

If they are currently employed when they come to me, these same individuals may be on probation, or facing termination because they are not performing well on the job.

My role is to keep them employed while, together, we examine how they can change their thinking, how they can accept their negative feelings and work through them. We need to do this work first, because if they are not able to change their thinking, they will take that with them into a new job.

Take a few moments to examine your thinking patterns. Is your glass half full or half empty? Do your frequently get irritated with the people around you? Do you see life as a battleground? Do you see yourself as a victim?

If you take time to honestly assess your emotional thermostat and find your thoughts are undermining your life and career, you need to take action. Consult with a therapist and/or a life and career coach. This single action may be the best thing you ever do to improve the quality of your life.

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