Getting that Right Job through Word-of Mouth Referrals

What would most influence your decision: Looking for a plumber in the Yellow Pages, using Angie’s List, or getting a referral from a friend or colleague you know and trust? I don’t know about you, but my first choice would be the word of a friend, with Angie’s list coming in a close second. I suspect that would be your decision sequence as well.

Why is this? It’s all about people and trust. We trust information provided by people we know and respect. We also trust information provided by people who have established themselves as go-to referral experts.

People and trust play a huge role in getting us in front of decision-makers who can hire us, give us a consulting contract, or fund our business.

My clients and faithful readers of this space know I place heavy emphasis on informational interviews with decision-makers. You get in front of them by recruiting, educating and deepening relationships with members of your network to connect you for informational interviews.

Contact me for a free, no obligation session and I’ll show you how to generate more informational interviews which can result a successful job search campaign.

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