Mindfulness: Can It Bring You Personal Fulfillment?

Many of my career clients reveal they are dissatisfied with other aspects of their lives: concern for aging parents, worry over how they will finance their children’s college education, unease about their physical health, and a general boredom with their lives as a whole. This is particularly true with individuals and couples 40 – 65 who are wrestling with the challenges of mid-life. They are disengaged from their lives.

How about you?

The ennui and disengagement expressed by these individuals is one reason I created an Encores! coaching program whereby I work in concert with these clients to design a road map to guide them through the minefields of midlife and beyond.

I don’t want to talk about Encores! however. Today I am much more interested in fulfillment and how each of us can derive more fulfillment from life as we live it in the 21st century.

Mindfulness can create fulfillment.

Many folks have convinced themselves that if they only had more money, power or sensory pleasure they would feel happier. And indeed when they achieve one or more of these things, they experience elation, joy and happiness. But the feelings are short-lived.

I’m all for happiness but, if forced to choose between happiness and fulfillment, I would choose fulfilment every time. For me, fulfillment arises from within and brings forth a deep understanding. Fulfillment allows me to find meaning, and long term satisfaction in the realization of the true fruits of life: peace, equanimity, a sense of belonging, personal relationships, and contentment. Happiness floats through my emotional sky, coming and going. Fulfillment arises and stays with me.

So how does mindfulness contribute to fulfillment?

When we are disengaged and dissatisfied, we want our situations to be different from what they are (or what we perceive them to be). We live in our heads, caught up in our personal stories. We do not live in the present moment.

In truth, our experience is determined by what we give our attention to. If we focus on the stories created by our egos, we miss the rich reality that is right in front of us. It’s as if we are seeing the world through a pair of glasses whose lenses are created by our conditioning.

Mindfulness takes us out of our heads and into the reality of the present moment. It is your path to freedom and fulfillment.

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