Future Design

Future Design Studio is my vision as well as my business.

Neal Griebling

As a chaplain and life/career coach, I am touched by the sufferings of others as they journey through this life. As such, my mission is to offer holistic approaches to life and career design.

Yet Future Design Studio deals with more than just career development, important as that may be. Future Design Studio is about designing a life – a rich and fulfilling future, in other words – as well as a career.

A life embodies personal development, our relationships with others, how we use the resources of the planet, and wrestling with the big questions, like:

  • “Who am I?”
  • “What is my purpose?”
  • “How can I live fully in the light of my mortality?”

Big questions, indeed. But questions that lead to insight, introspection, and ultimately an illumination to light the way toward a better future, a better life overall.

At my companion website, www.futuredesignstudio.com together we explore these themes and discover holistic approaches to creating lives we love. I encourage you to visit, since I believe you will find it contains resources, tools, and strategies for significantly improving the quality of your life.