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Get Ready for Monday, July13, 2015!

Don’t worry, the sky isn’t about to fall. But something almost as astounding. This is the day Future Design Studio is launching our new Pittsburgh Career Coach website! It features a fresh look, new themes and, most important, new programs – all available at discount prices. Just for you!
Don’t miss it!

Congrats on Your Child’s Commencement! Does your son or daughter have a job in hand?

Commencement is a rite of passage. Your child has earned a college degree, the basic credential needed to enter the job market. If she has majored in business, science, engineering or finance, she is very marketable. If he has majored in one of the humanities, the phrase is “not so much.”

Loneliness & the Job Search Campaigner

Work takes up at least 35 – 40 hours of our week, sometimes much more. Even if we say we hate our jobs, receiving that pink slip is often a heavy blow. That job filled up time. It connected us with people. It gave us an identity. Is it any wonder that we feel grief, [...]

Mindfulness: Can It Bring You Personal Fulfillment?

Many of my career clients reveal they are dissatisfied with other aspects of their lives: concern for aging parents, worry over how they will finance their children’s college education, unease about their physical health, and a general boredom with their lives as a whole. This is particularly true with individuals and couples 40 – 65 [...]

Getting that Right Job through Word-of Mouth Referrals

What would most influence your decision: Looking for a plumber in the Yellow Pages, using Angie’s List, or getting a referral from a friend or colleague you know and trust? I don’t know about you, but my first choice would be the word of a friend, with Angie’s list coming in a close second. I [...]

Launching Your Career as Your Business

What can career seekers learn from successful business leaders? Well, if the leader is Reid Hoffman, cofounder and chairman of Linkedin, the answer is “a great deal.”
Hoffman and Ben Casnocha, an award winning entrepreneur and author, have collaborated to write The Start-up of You. Published in 2012, the book is not new but the authors’ [...]

For Career Success, How Do YOU Network?

When it comes to planning your job search campaign, perhaps no word is used more often than “networking.” For many folks, it means attending job fairs, networking events and any social or business occasion where people congregate, introducing themselves and giving out their business cards.
Of course, skilled networkers know there is much more to the [...]

What You Think Defines You…and Impacts Your Career!

We are the product of our thoughts. Our thoughts and feelings are generated by our ego. Our ego is formed by a combination of our DNA, our early conditioning, and any traumatic events which we carry with us. Does your thinking support or hinder you in your life and career?

How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Career Performance

We live in an era of stimulus overload, working longer and harder to improve our company’s quarterly stock performance, score higher on our annual performance evaluation, spend more time with our families … well, you get the idea. It’s no wonder we feel we’re locked onto a treadmill without a release mechanism.
So how do we [...]

What is Mindfulness?

The term is first found in the Pali word, “sati,” which is translated as “to remember, to manifest presence of mind.” Mindfulness was first practiced by early Buddhists 2500 years ago. But that was long ago.