Face-to-Face Personal Coaching

Trust provides the foundation of successful coaching.  To build a true and lasting bond of trust, most people prefer individual counseling where client and coach meet face-to-face.  I have found this to be especially valuable in the Life-Work Discovery process, since it also requires ongoing commitment and action.

In my face-to-face coaching programs, I encourage clients to commit to a package of 12 sessions because a typical job search in Pittsburgh takes between 6 and 18 months to secure a new position.

Individual face-to-face sessions are done in my Mt. Washington home office, four blocks from Grandview Avenue and easily accessible from all points of the greater Pittsburgh region.

The Process

Life Work Discovery rests on three pillars:

  1. Self-discovery in which you surface career options
  2. Working with fears and resistance
  3. Learning to use a system of word-of-mouth referral networking that brings you face to face with decision-makers that can hire you, grant you a consulting contract or fund a business of your own.

The Benefits

At the conclusion of the sessions, you will have:

  1. Identified up to five career options
  2. Developed experiential ways of turning your fears and resistance into success pathways
  3. Mastered the art of informational interviewing coupled with a networking system that will help you penetrate the hidden job market.

Contact me to explore how you might make best use of this coaching component.