Getting to the Inteview Table E-Seminar


You Want that Job Interview?

Think Like the Interviewer!

Imagine you are the person who needs to hire someone to fill a job opening. Time is precious and cannot be wasted wading through rivers of tired resumes and oceans of nondescript cover letters.

What would you give to find a person who brings the knowledge, enthusiasm, and background required to meet the qualifications you’re looking to hire? It would be like a gift, and would make your job so much easier, wouldn’t it?

By thinking like a hiring manager, you can be that person, that gift, that problem solver.

You can acquire the competitive advantage that puts others at a disadvantage.

You can crack the code, pull back the cover, open the door, and step up to a new career opportunity.

By taking advantage of Neal Griebling’s Getting to the Interview Table, a four-lesson online seminar, you can achieve all of these things! Through this fun yet intense online experience, Neal will teach you how to:

  • Identify job opportunities before they are even posted.
  • Determine whether a particular company or nonprofit is the right fit for you.
  • Shorten the time it takes you to find your next job by penetrating The Hidden Job market.
  • Define yourself in the job marketplace.
  • Create your own network prospecting and marketing team.
  • Educate your network team members to identify and introduce you to target employers.
  • Master the art of informational interviewing.
  • Identify employer needs before jobs are posted.
  • Create winning proposals that produce job offers.

This proven, high-quality, high-impact course – offered to individuals at rates well above $1,000 per person – is yours at the economical online group price of $99!

Here are some testimonials from recent participants in the course:

“Between jobs, Neal reflected my own strength back to me, during a time of doubt. Neal opened my mind to new career possibilities. Neal gave me the support, encouragement, and tools I needed to move my career to the next level. I am a fan of Neal’s and I know you will be too.”

– K.G.

“Dear Mr. Griebling: As you know I was looking for a career change into the technology field, but was making no progress with the traditional ways of applying for job openings. After the initial consultation, I decided to give your career counseling a chance. You showed me some non-traditional approaches to meeting people who made hiring decisions, while paying attention to my core interests. Ultimately a combination of your solid guidance and my dedication led to a great opportunity that turned into me getting hired. Now I work in a job tailor-made for my interests and I love the work I do.”

– H.D.

Here’s more proof positive that Neal Griebling’s Getting to the Interview Table can change your professional life. Neal will refund your full fee, no questions asked, if you are not completely satisfied after completing two of the four lessons. Plus, you will receive three free special reports as a participant in this one-of-a-kind online seminar:

  • What’s Holding You Back? Neal wrote this to help people turn their fears and resistance into pathways to success.
  • The Geek Ambassador’s Guide to Finding Work You Love by Jennifer Stockdale. This is a truly powerful tutorial on penetrating The Hidden Job Market through the phenomenon of social media networking.
  • Marketing You – Marketing for the Job Seeker by Stephen L. Eckert. Noted author of Marketing in a Downturn, Stephen shows you how to market the greatest product of all – You!

After enrolling by clicking on the registration link, you will receive a confirmation email along with details and materials for the first lesson. Updates continue each week for four consecutive weeks.

If you want to get that job interview, you must learn to think like the interviewer. You can be that person who stands tall, who stands proud, who stands out. By committing four weeks of your time today, you can steer a firmer, stronger path to a new career tomorrow.

Register right now for Neal Griebling’s Getting to the Interview Table online seminar – and change your life for the better.

Best of success,

Neal Griebling