Life-Work Discovery

At, my sole focus is to help you identify and find work you love through my Life-Work Discovery model, which has proved successful in helping my clients reach their career goals.


Life-Work Discovery succeeds because it is person (you)-driven, proactive, employs deep questioning and reliance on people, recognizes that each person is unique, turns fears into empowerment, and is multi-dimensional in serving those seeking jobs, establishing a consulting practice, or creating a business.

Life-Work Discovery consists of a 7-Step Model:

  1. Deep Self-Exploration – You look inward to complete probing assignments geared to surfacing your unique talents and gifts.
  2. Life and Career Design – You identify and define several options for further, more detailed consideration.
  3. Fears & Resistance – You confront and accept your fears as normal, part of the human condition, and work to transform your personal barriers into pathways to success.
  4. Research – You gather information and establish a resource network to identify people and resources that can help you achieve your goals.
  5. Action Plan – You define short- and long-term goals while formulating specific action steps to achieve them.
  6. Coaching – You employ a skilled coach to guide you and reinforce your commitment to working your plan.
  7. The Job/Business Game – You learn how to put yourself in front of decision-makers who can hire you, give you a consulting contract, or fund your business.

Life-Work Discovery surpasses other, more traditional, coaching approaches. Most career coaches treat only one or two of the key needs of their clients, offering personality and skill assessments that generate prescriptions of careers to pursue. Cover letters, resumes, and passing references to networking do not address the real challenge of penetrating the hidden job marketplace – namely, reaching the decision-maker who has hiring authority. Plus, little or no attention is given to dealing with the very real fears and resistance all job seekers face as they confront the job marketplace.

In contrast, the comprehensive Life-Work Discovery model brings true clarity around the choice of careers, empowers clients to confront and work through their fears and resistance, and trains clients to identify, meet, and interview decision-makers who can help them.