Marketing You! – Marketing for the Job Seeker

What is the Job Hunt? It’s Marketing…Just Like Almost Everything Else in Life

Wouldn’t it be great to get an edge in finding the work you love using tried and true Marketing Techniques?

Stephen L. Eckert, author of Marketing in a Downturn, has helped Fortune 500, Inc. 100, startups and solo-entrepreneurs unlock the “secrets” of successful marketing. In his book he offered specific strategies and tactics for companies to grow their businesses…even in the worst economy in decades.

Now he’s turned his expertise toward the job seeker. You can gain the same insight as top executives and business owners and apply it to market the greatest product…YOU!

In “Marketing You”, Eckert unpacks the key marketing concepts that can help you differentiate yourself from the field. Eckert will show you:

Marketing You

  • How to develop and communicate your personal brand
  • Unpacking yourself: uncover your key brand attributes that make you the perfect candidate
  • Understanding key response variables and how to make them work for you
  • What direct marketing techniques can do to energize your job search
  • How to create compelling messaging
  • Creating the right call to action

Not only will you learn valuable communications tips and techniques, you’ll learn more about yourself, be able to better analyze target employers and craft a message that gets responses.

Eckert charges top companies thousands of dollars to help them identify their market and deliver the right message. You can have this same kind of insight specifically packaged for the job seeker… for only $12.95.

This isn’t the usual stuff — like how to format a resume. This is solid direct marketing advice that you can apply…get the right message, in the right vehicle to the right audience.
Don’t hesitate to add this information to your job seeking arsenal.

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