Ron Hart – Resumes That Talk

Ron Hart, owner of Resumes That Talk, provides total job search assistance, including:

  • Completion of a targeted resume
  • Writing a bragging cover letter
  • One-on-one coaching with practice interviews,
  • Job search guidance.

All clients receive personal attention to accomplish their marketing document (resume and cover letter) goals. No clock is ticking. No template is used. He sees each person/client as unique and endeavors to tell their work story of experience, skills, and achievements in an easy-to-read compelling way that will quickly get the attention of a prospective employer so they conclude “I need to interview this candidate.”

Interviewer comments to applicants:

  • “Excellent resume!”
  • “One of the best resumes I have seen!”
  • “The set-up made me interested in knowing more about you!”

Following graduation from Ohio University with a BS in Commerce (Industrial Management) degree, Ron had a long and successful career in industrial operations, marketing, and sales. He has always been involved in recruiting good people and mentoring them for top performance, job satisfaction, and promotion opportunities. Ron takes problem or opportunity situations and plans, organizes and focuses the necessary effort and resources to achieve successful results.

Ron leads classes and workshops throughout the tri-state area.  He co-designed and co-presented a 5-part series that closed the circle from resume classes with exercises that lead to final documents, with ongoing assistance by email.  In addition to his resume work, he is currently the co-coordinator of PAPEN South, a networking group that meets weekly near South Hills Village. He is instrumental in compiling the schedule of weekly discussion topics and special related events.

You may contact Ron directly by phone at 412-874-1508 or by email at He works with clients remotely, but much prefers to meet and get to know clients in person  in order to more accurately tell their story.  Office hours and off-site meeting times and days are whatever fits the client’s schedule and timeline. Ron emphasizes working to quickly complete the work because he knows the client’s next job may have been posted “yesterday!”

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