Strategic Networking for Entrepreneurs

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Strategic Networking for Entrepreneurs
The Referability Expert’s Insight
by Michelle R. Donovan
Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of The 29% Solution
Owner, Referral Institute of Western PA

Are you spending a lot of time networking but still aren’t getting any referrals?

Are you a cave-dweller – too busy to go out and network in the first place?

This special report will literally help you get a much higher return on your networking investment.

What you’ll learn from this Special Report:

  • Networking myths that prevent you from being successful in getting referrals.
  • How to redirect your thinking about networking and help you focus your efforts.
  • Three main aspects of networking that give you a much more strategic and successful approach.
  • The simple truth about getting referrals out of your strategic networking efforts.
  • The most profitable aspects of strategic networking.
  • What is your Unique Selling Position?
  • Who should you network with?

This Special Report could have a huge impact on your business – and it’s only $9.95!

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