What’s Holding You Back?

Do you know the Number 1 reason most people fail to establish successful careers?

It’s because their minds are locked in fear and resistance!

It’s true, men and women fail because

They fear failure

They fear success

They fear the unknown

My name is Neal Griebling. I am a chaplain, a career consultant & coach and the founder of Future Design Studio. As a chaplain, I serve the dying and their families, helping them find peace and healing in the midst of overwhelming fear. As a career consultant and coach, my mission is to help men and women identify and find work they love, helping them transform their fears into pathways to success.

Psychologists will tell you that looking for work is among the most stressful events we can experience. Seeking a job, especially in today’s recessionary economy, ranks right up there with divorce, the death of a spouse, or the loss of a child.

It’s natural to experience fear and resistance when searching for work. Our fears and resistance arise from an aspect of ourselves whose purpose is to protect us. Their arising is the price we pay when confronting any situation for which we are not trained. To achieve success, however, we cannot allow this aspect to dominate our lives.

Think about it for a moment. The guidance counselors we encountered in high school existed to direct the “best and the brightest” into a good college or university. The career center staff at college asked us to attend job fairs, seek internships, and play the resume and cover letter game. All too often, the formula didn’t work and we were left to fend for ourselves, winding up with jobs we hated but ones we feared to leave because we had school loans to pay off along with the bills we rang up to establish our place in the world.

A career coach is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. My Life-Work Discovery model rests on three pillars: the power of self-inquiry, the power of accepting our feelings without judgment while taking action to reach our goals, and the power of word of mouth referral networking.

But remember, the Number 1 reason most people fail to establish successful careers is fear and…

You can overcome your fear and resistance!

My special report, “What’s Holding You Back?” provides you with three proven strategies to transform your fears, break the hold of your ego mind, and allow your True Self to drive your career bus.

I charge $125 an hour for my services and that’s considered an incredible bargain in the coaching profession. But I want you to succeed so I’m extending a special, time-limited offer for a truly special report.

You can purchase “What’s Holding You Back?” for the ridiculous price of $9.95!

How free would you feel if you could let go – really let go – of your fears and experience true freedom and success, both in your life and your career?

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