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David Zang discusses his experience with Neal Griebling’s Life-Work Discovery process to focus his job-search efforts to find a perfect job.

Andrea Marquis speaks with Neal about her career history and what led her to work with Neal and how he helped her find a new, exciting career!

Andrea’s Story

Here’s an abbreviated and highly edited version of Andrea Marquis’ story. To see the entire story, click here. Andrea is not only a talented knitter, designer, and sales professional, but she is a compelling writer and storyteller!

“My first “real job” was in customer service for Paychex payroll services in 1995. I liked selling payroll services to small businesses, and I was successful.In 2007, months before my 40th birthday, I started getting the sense that I was on the verge of a new phase in my life. I did not know what it was about, but it was very exciting, and it compelled me to look outside of myself, to start to seek help and answers. One day in March 2009, I woke up and could not deny that I was burned out. It wasn’t the kind of sales slump that you could work through. I knew on a very deep level that my time at Paychex was limited. The problem? I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do. I told my Mastermind group about this and asked about figuring out my next career move. They all said, “Call Neal!” So I called him and set up a lunch meeting for a free consultation.

I liked Neal, I liked his low-key insightful approach, and I felt that he could help me.

I had been a knitter since I met my husband, and before I knew I was no longer happy at my job I had already started to get more involved in fiber arts, and had designed a few hand-knitted pieces. I wondered if that could be a career. It sure seemed like fun, but I could not see how anyone made money doing it.

One day, when I was feeling particularly sorry for myself, I met with Neal, and whined to him something like “what am I going to do?” Since his wife is a knitter, he asked, “don’t those yarn shops need someone to sell them the yarn?” That ingenious idea had not occurred to me, but it was THE ANSWER! I could take my sales skills and my passion for creating and knitting, and join them! I was instantly energized and started working my network to get positioned to break into the industry.” …more

–Andrea Marquis
Yarn Superhero

Andrea Marquis

Other Testimonials

“When times are tough, the tough get tougher. But sometimes feelings of frustration, confusion, and hopelessness make it difficult to do alone. Luckily, I didn’t have to once I met Neal. Throughout our time together, Neal was the support I needed to get back on my feet. Being in his presence was always calming and fulfilling. He listened carefully without judgment and brought attention to my very best qualities, often ones I didn’t even know existed. Neal worked to break down the wall through talk therapy and relaxation techniques. He worked even harder to find out what I really wanted out of life. Collectively we began to seek out rewarding career paths that embraced my skills, education, interests, and personality traits.

Throughout the several months we worked together, Neal involved me in some very unique practices. He taught me a Zen breathing technique that reinforced serenity, the importance of the present, and letting go of things I cannot control. Neal taught me how to initiate and conduct informational interviews. This process instilled the power and control I so lacked in my life by putting me in the “driver’s seat.”  Neal also spent time teaching me how to write an action plan for potential employers. By preparing an action plan, I was forced to research the companies of my choice, better understand the roles I was seeking, and decide if the placement was in fact a good fit for me.

Neal is one of kind in his field. He is selfless, flexible, committed, and motivated to help you reach your goals. It has been my pleasure to work with Neal and know his time, talents, and resources have been invaluable to my life.” – L. L.

“Dear Mr. Griebling:

As you know I was looking for a career change into the technology field, but was making no progress with the traditional ways of applying for job openings. After the initial consultation, I decided to give your career counseling a chance. You showed me some non-traditional approaches to meeting people who made hiring decisions, while paying attention to my core interests. Ultimately a combination of your solid guidance and my dedication led to a great opportunity that turned into me getting hired. Now I work in a job tailor-made for my interests and I love the work I do.” – H.D.

“Between jobs, Neal reflected my own strength back to me, during a time of doubt. Neal opened my mind to new career possibilities. Neal taught me the many ways to network… Neal gave me the support, encouragement, and tools I needed to move my career to the next level. I am a fan of Neal’s and I know you will be, too!”– K.G.

“Neal Griebling is an outstanding career coach. I worked with Neal to develop a contingency plan in case I lost my current job. While I am happily employed, I realize that nothing is certain and that I need an ‘insurance’ plan.” –M.D.

“Neal helped me to identify career options and introduced me to a more effective job hunting approach. During the course of my counseling with Neal, I changed positions and Neal helped me to develop a strategy for salary negotiations.” – N.P.